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Oct 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
tuesday. >>> an oscar new mexico knee is the victim of -- nominee is the victim of a jewel heist. >> teresa garcia has those stories and more. >> reporter: police are trying to track down a thief who stole $127,000 worth of jewelry from actress julianne moore. the oscar nominee was shooting a movie in canada this summer while as many as two dozen construction workers had access to the new york city apartment. she says ten pieces of jewelry were swiped. >>> they're not in kansas anymore. the ruby slip fresh the "wizard of oz" and the blue and white dress judy garland wore are going on display in london this month. the shoes are on loan from the smithsonian. the dress is privately owned. >>> this will be the first time dorothy's costume has been together since the movie was made in 1939. >>> welcome to the butter competition! >> jennifer garner was in new york promoting her new comedy "butter." it centers around a butter carving contestant in iowa. she plays an ultra competitive woman who wants to be governor. >> i wasn't trying to be any one person. more just -- making her up. >>
Oct 15, 2012 4:30am EDT
watch and so scary. bigad shaban was at the launch site in new mexico for the history-making leap. >> reporter: from the edge of space austrian dare devil felix baumgartner gave a salute before jumping. he topped 833 miles per hour breaking the speed of sound. >> you travel so fast, you don't really realize how fast you are. >> reporter: at times baumgartner seemed to spin out of control. >> for some reason it started spinning so fast and so violent that sometimes in it, like, i'm getting unconscious. >> reporter: 24 miles above new mexico he became a human missile. baumgartner was able to reach such great heights thanks to the 55-story helium balance loon. in order for a state of lift- off, winds could be no more than 3 miles per hour. on his way up, baumgartner's breath fogged up his helmet and he complained the air inside his advisor is not warm enough. >> i do not think i have safe heating. >> reporter: the problem was never fixed. >> i could see a little bit of frost and for about 30 minutes it hoods like we would have to abort the the in mission. >> reporter: but the crew de
Oct 2, 2012 4:30am EDT
, eastern gulf of mexico. this is headed for us for later this morning and toward the middle of the day especially. so today upper 70s to even around 80 with scattered showers and maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. for tonight we've got temperatures dipping into the 60s. tomorrow 84. and then thursday 82. actually it should be green all three days here. by friday, friday is going to be a decent day around 80 and a front saturday may bring us a shower. same story on sunday. it's 4:48. good morning, beverly farmer. >>> good morning, howard. got to have the extra caution out there as we deal with the weather you've been talking about. the wet pavement, poor visibility. east on 66 as you make your way in from front royal headed for manassas and centreville, volume still light on 66 past 29 centreville on in toward falls church and rosslyn. no early issues there. no overnight construction to deal with virginia beltway. that's good news. traveling on 95 and 395, only building volume north of fredricksburg getting in through stafford county. 395 a good pace for the beltway up toward the 14
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
believe several gunmen took part in an attack which killed a border agent along the u.s.-mexico border. nicholas ivy was killed in the attack and a second agent injured. this is the first time an agent has been killed in the line of duty since a firefight two years ago which exposed operation fast and furious. that was a botched a.t.f. gun smuggling operation. >>> the former penn state graduate assistant who testified that he saw jerry sandusky showering with a boy back in 2001 is now suffering the university. mike mcqueary is seeking millions of dollars in damage and claims the treatment by the university since last november has caused him distress and embarrassment. he was put on administrative leave in november and his contract expired in june. sandusky was convicted of molesting boys but maintains he's innocence. >>> jimmy hoffa's remains are not under the driveway of a michigan sur bub ban home -- sur bush ban home. hoffa disappeared in 1975. the day he disappeared he was supposed to meet with a teamsters boss. >> do they fix that guy's driveway or do they just leave? i don
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4